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08 February 2011

Aif changes implicitly document schema when changing underlying table

Changing the mandatory property of fields in tables that are used in Aif-documents does change implicitly the document schema. The table FDI_AifModTest_CF does have the following fields: PK, opt, opt1, mand and mand1. The mandatory fields are flaged aith "m":

Mandatory fields in version 1 and 2

In the beginning the mandatory fields of the table are: PK, mand and mand1.
After having created and configured  the Aif-service, the document schema looks like this:

Document schema according the version 1
 Then, in a second step, the mandatory field is changed as descibed in the first graphic. After refreshing the Aif-services the document schema changed without any notification:

Document schema according the version 2
So this shows that changing the field to mandatory changes the schema, but changing from mandatory to optional does not change the schema. The schema change does make sense but unfortunately this is done completely transparent to the user and there is by default no possibility to get notified by this. So, doing an Aif-service refresh can cause regressions and has to be done with precaution.