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15 December 2010

Namespaces in Aif Xml-messages

In a previous posting I described the structure of a Dynamics Ax 2009 Aif message. Here now some information about Namespaces in Aif Xml-messages:

An Aif Xml message is identified by namespaces on 3 locations:
- the Xml-envelope (1)
- the Aif-service (2)
- the Xml-messageparts (3) + (4)

According to my previous posting:

These information are defined in Ax in the following places:

Aif: (1) + (3)
#define.MessageNamespace ('')
#define.EntityKeyNamespace ('')
#define.EntityKeyListNamespace ('')

Axd: (3) used as standard namespace for all Axd-documents by default:

Services nodes (2) as described on msdn

X++ (4) the default Axd-document namespace in the AxdBase-class by the getNamespace()-method

(4) if the Axd-document namespace can be overridden in the Axd-class: