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08 November 2010

Dyanmics Ax 2009 AIF message

Here is a simple schema of the AIF message structure based on the Dynamics Ax 2009 AIF Xsd-schemas:The two principle elements of an AIF message are the message header and the message body.
All elements in the schema with exception of the "any" element (part of the message body) are explicitly defined by a Microsoft namespace (like The custom schema (by default deduced from the document underlying query) need to be explicitly defined by its own namespace. A namespace will define the service by default by its editor (like, its version (defined by its creation date: yyy/mm) and its purpose: the name of the service. This might be for example:
The AIF actions are associated to the namespace of the message. A message header might for example look like this:
{3B7C23AB-B0EF-4C35-8DC6-481574080F62} Default Default {C8111B69-9786-4BB4-9A03-D0BE847F4C3C}

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