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09 July 2011

Authentication of the different components in Ax 2009

One of the most annoying subjects in Ax2009 is installing and configuring the huge number of components which do need to authenticate each other. There are Reporting Services, Analysis Services, SharePoint Services (or MOSS) on IIS, AIF MSMQ, AIF WebServices, AIF BTS, the Ax AOS,  Internet Explorer, SMB for the application file-share and the Ax client (some do have BC.Net applications as well). If they are all installed on one box, this is quite easy to maintain. But a distributed installation (especially on a large scale) is extremely complicated and requires a profound understanding of Kerberos authentication.  Because I recently had to find an issue on my erroneous installation, here's a nice schema of my current Ax 2009 configuration which might help you as well:

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